June 29 to July 4 2023

Scouts, Venturer Scouts, Leaders and other Adults, 5 nights under canvas, 2 great campsite locations! Join the Patrol Challenge Camp of the Year.

Multiple locations

The event is being held at both Baden-Powell Park, Brisbane, and Tarmaroo Campsite, Townsville, with numerous activities available at both sites plus a unique range of offsite activities at each.

Join the adventure

LEAP is going to be the experience of a lifetime for Queensland Scouts and Venturer Scouts! Participants will be encouraged to explore the unknown with 6 days of stunning activities. There will be a mix of onsite, offsite and night activities with something on offer for everyone. Check out the Program opportunities.

Join Our Team

Want to be involved with one of the biggest Scout and Venturer Camps of 2023? Click on the Contact Us now! Not a Scout Leader? No problem there are plenty of opportunities to help out. Can't come for the whole event, no issue. Sign up as a day worker.

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Adventures and Experiences

Onsite and Offsite

Throughout LEAP23 Scouts and Venturers will be able to Explore the Unknown through a variety of new experiences and adventurous challenges.

City Adventure

Brisbane & Townsville

Challenge your fellow Scouts to the great race through your Local City (Brisbane or Townsville) and see how well you know your way around.

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